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Atle Wehn Hegnes

Atle Wehn Hegnes

Research projects

  • IMAGINE – Contested Futures of Sustainability

    When you think about the future, what do you imagine? Flying cars, tubed food, or high-tech clothing might be among the images that come to mind. IMAGINE sets out to study these images of the future as imaginaries. Imaginaries are the many ways in which we humans think about the future and ways in which they can become possible. Our project looks specifically at how we imagine sustainable futures.

  • REDUCE – Rethinking Everyday Plastics

    The project will look at plastic in a systems perspective and investigate how the consumption of plastic products in everyday life can be reduced.

Scientific publications

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Flyen, Anne Cathrine; Flyen, Cecilie; Hegnes, Atle Wehn (2023). Exploring Vulnerability Indicators: Tourist Impact on Cultural Heritage Sites in High Arctic Svalbard. Heritage — Open Access Journal of Knowledge, Conservation and Management of Cultural and Natural Heritage. Vol. 6.

Hegnes, Atle Wehn ; Nordhagen, Eirik; Gobakken, Lone Ross (2021). Understanding and practicing wood waste qualities in Norway – A case of adaptation work in circular bioeconomy. Nissen, Nils F.; Jaeger-Erben, Melanie (Ed.). PLATE – Product Lifetimes And The Environment. Proceedings 3rd PLATE CONFERENCE, BERLIN, GERMANY 18–20 September 2019. p. 331-335. Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete