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Kirsi Laitala

Kirsi Laitala


Kirsi Laitala is a senior researcher at the department for Technology and Sustainability at the Consumption Research Norway (SIFO), where she has been working with textiles and clothing research since 2001. She gained her MSc degree in textile, clothing and fiber engineering from Tampere University of Technology in 2001, and completed a PhD at the Department of Product Design at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2014. Laitala has researched and published on areas related to clothing quality, maintenance, safety, environmental issues, design, as well as fit and size issues, including reports for industry as well as scientific journal articles. Her current research interest lies within sustainable clothing consumption. She uses interdisciplinary research methods that often combine technical laboratory based tests with consumer studies, as well as qualitative and quantitative methods.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Other subjects within materials science   Industrial and product design

Subject areas

Environment   Clothing   Textile   Consumer behaviour   Sustainable consumption   Clothing consumption   Tekstiler   Textile wash   Laundry

Research projects

Scientific publications

Wiedemann, Stephen G.; Biggs, Leo; Nguyen, Quan V.; Clarke, simon J.; Laitala, Kirsi; Klepp, Ingun Grimstad (2021). Reducing environmental impacts from garments through best practice garment use and care, using the example of a Merino wool sweater. 10 p. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment .

Laitala, Kirsi; Klepp, Ingun Grimstad; Haugrønning, Vilde; Throne-Holst, Harald; Strandbakken, Pål (2020). Increasing repair of household appliances, mobile phones and clothing: Experiences from consumers and the repair industry. Journal of Cleaner Production . Vol. 282.

Laitala, Kirsi; Klepp, Ingun Grimstad (2020). What Affects Garment Lifespans? International Clothing Practices Based on a Wardrobe Survey in China, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the USA. Sustainability . Vol. 12.

Laitala, Kirsi; Klepp, Ingun Grimstad; Kettlewell, Roy; Wiedemann, Stephen (2020). Laundry Care Regimes: Do the Practices of Keeping Clothes Clean Have Different Environmental Impacts Based on the Fibre Content?. 31 p. Sustainability . Vol. 12.

Klepp, Ingun Grimstad; Laitala, Kirsi; Wiedemann, Stephen G. (2020). Clothing Lifespans: What Should Be Measured and How. 21 p. Sustainability . Vol. 12.

Wiedemann, Stephen G.; Biggs, Leo; Nebel, Barbara; Bauch, Katarina; Laitala, Kirsi; Klepp, Ingun Grimstad; Swan, Paul G.; Watson, Kalinda (2020). Environmental impacts associated with the production, use, and end-of-life of a woollen garment. 14 p. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment .

Laitala, Kirsi; Klepp, Ingun Grimstad; Haugrønning, Vilde Anine Rydal; Throne-Holst, Harald; Strandbakken, Pål (2019). Is It Worth It? Repair of Household Appliance, Mobile Phones and Clothing. Segalàs, Jordi; Lazzarini, Boris (Ed.). Proceedings of the 19th European Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production Circular Europe for Sustainability: Design, Production and Consumption. 1003. p. 1003-1016.

Vittersø, Gunnar; Torjusen, Hanne; Laitala, Kirsi; Tocco, Barbara; Biasini, Beatrice; Csillag, Peter; Duboys de Labarre, Matthieu; Lecoeur, Jean-Loup; Maj, Agnieszka; Majewski, Edward; Malak-Rawlikowska, Agata; Menozzi, Davide; Török, Áron; Wavresky, Pierre (2019). Short Food Supply Chains and Their Contributions to Sustainability: Participants’ Views and Perceptions from 12 European Cases. Sustainability . Vol. 11.

Klepp, Ingun Grimstad; Laitala, Kirsi (2019). «Ты это сам/а связал/а?», или Почему норвежцы вяжут одежду сами. Aliabieva, Liudmila; Grigorieva, Tatyana; Petrov, Sergey (Ed.). Теория моды: одежда, тело, культура. Норвегия. p. 161-179. Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie.

Shevchenko, Tetiana; Laitala, Kirsi; Danko, Yuriy (2019). Understanding Consumer E-Waste Recycling Behavior: Introducing a New Economic Incentive to Increase the Collection Rates. 20 p. Sustainability . Vol. 11.

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