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Nina Heidenstrøm

Nina Heidenstrøm


Nina Heidenstrøm has a PhD in sociology, University of Oslo. She researches sustainable consumption and household preparedness. Common to the two topics is a focus on everyday life, social practices and embodied knowledge. She uses qualitative, ethnographic methods with a particular interest in how material culture can be used to understand the social world.

Fields of study

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Subject areas

Consumption   Energy use   Sustainable consumption   Emergency preparedness   Matsvinn

Research projects

Scientific publications

Austgulen, Marthe Hårvik ; Bøyum, Live ; Nessel, Sebastian; Heidenstrøm, Nina (2024). Exploring the nexus of consumer policy and environmental sustainability: A scoping review protocol. OSF Preprints.

Heidenstrøm, Nina (2021). The utility of social practice theory in risk research. Journal of Risk Research.

Heidenstrøm, Nina ; Hebrok, Marie (2021). Fridge studies – Rummage through the fridge to understand food waste. Appetite. Vol. 165.

Heidenstrøm, Nina ; Hebrok, Marie (2021). Towards realizing the sustainability potential within digital food provisioning platforms: The case of meal box schemes and online grocery shopping in Norway. Sustainable Production and Consumption.

Heidenstrøm, Nina ; Rhiger Hansen, Anders (2020). Embodied competences in preparedness for blackouts: Mixed methods insights from rural and urban Norwegian households. Energy Research & Social Science. Vol. 66:101498.

Heidenstrøm, Nina ; Throne-Holst, Harald (2020). “Someone will take care of it”. Households' understanding of their responsibility to prepare for and cope with electricity and ICT infrastructure breakdowns. 11 p. Energy Policy. Vol. 2020.

Hebrok, Marie ; Heidenstrøm, Nina (2019). Contextualising food waste prevention - Decisive moments within everyday practices. Journal of Cleaner Production. Vol. 2010.

Heidenstrøm, Nina (2019). Informal household preparedness. Methodological approaches to everyday practices. Journal of Risk Research.

Heidenstrøm, Nina Vatvedt ; Kvarnlöf, Linda (2018). Coping with blackouts: A practice theory approach to household preparedness. 11 p. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management. Vol. 26.

Heidenstrøm, Nina Vatvedt ; Storm-Mathisen, Ardis (2017). Reconnection work. A network approach to households' dealing with ICT breakdowns. Akademisk Kvarter. Vol. 15.

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