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Vilde Haugrønning

Vilde Haugrønning

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Scientific publications

Klepp, Ingun Grimstad; Laitala, Kirsi; Haugrønning, Vilde (2021). Wardrobe Sizes and Clothing Lifespans. Nissen, Nils F.; Jaeger-Erben, Melanie (Ed.). PLATE – Product Lifetimes And The Environment Proceedings 3rd PLATE CONFERENCE, BERLIN, GERMANY 18–20 September 2019. Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin.

Laitala, Kirsi; Klepp, Ingun Grimstad; Haugrønning, Vilde; Throne-Holst, Harald; Strandbakken, Pål (2020). Increasing repair of household appliances, mobile phones and clothing: Experiences from consumers and the repair industry. Journal of Cleaner Production . Vol. 282.

Laitala, Kirsi; Klepp, Ingun Grimstad; Haugrønning, Vilde Anine Rydal; Throne-Holst, Harald; Strandbakken, Pål (2019). Is It Worth It? Repair of Household Appliance, Mobile Phones and Clothing. Segalàs, Jordi; Lazzarini, Boris (Ed.). Proceedings of the 19th European Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production Circular Europe for Sustainability: Design, Production and Consumption. 1003. p. 1003-1016.

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