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Virginie Amilien

Virginie Amilien


Virginie Amilien is a researcher in cultural studies. After passing her PhD in Scandinavian Culture on Norwegian folktales at the University of Sorbonne-Paris IV, France, in 1994, with a scholarship from University of Oslo, Institute for Cultural Studies. She has worked as a researcher at the National Institute for Consumption Research, Norway, since 1999, on issues related to food, consumption and culture, with special emphasis on Norwegian food culture, national identity, food system in tourism, food practices, food consumption, culture of consumption, the Norwegian Halloween, food and migration and especially local and terroir food products. Together with Erling Krogh she edited "The cultivated food," the first Norwegian anthology about food culture (2007) and she has been heavily involved in the international scientific journal "Anthropology of Food" ( from 2000.

Research projects

Scientific publications

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