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Ingvill Gjerdrum Maus

Ingvill Gjerdrum Maus


Ingvill Gjerdrum Maus holds the position Associate professor in education in design for sustainability, materials and environmental knowledge. She has MA in Art and design education and PhD in Design education. Her teaching, tutoring and research, development and innovation work (R&DI) are related to study programs in art and design and teachers’ education in design, art and craft.

Research and Research Network

Maus’ research and research dissemination concern education in design for sustainability. She has published research articles, popular science articles and a PhD.-thesis on enhancement of design literacy for sustainability among youth.

Maus is a member in the research group Design Literacy, and in the research networks DesignDialog and Nettverk for formgiving, kunst og håndverk i UH-sektoren. Maus has participated in national and international research collaboration on research funding applications from EUs’ research- and innovation program Horizon 2020, in consortiums and research conferences. Moreover, is she a member in the editorial team for FormAkademisk - Research Journal for Design and Design Education.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Architecture and design   Subject didactics

Subject areas

Design education   Design for Sustainability

Administrative field of work

Working environment   Safety organization

Research groups

Scientific publications

Maus, Ingvill Gjerdrum (2022). Democratic design literacy research. Lockton, Dan; Lenzi, Sara; Hekkert, Paul; Oak, Arlene; Sádaba, Juan; Lloyd, Peter (Ed.). DRS2022: Bilbao. Design Research Society.

Maus, Ingvill Gjerdrum (2021). Critical design literacy through reflection in design. von Bohemia, Erik; Nielsen, Liv Merete; Pan, Lusheng; Börekçi, Naz A.G.Z.; Zhang, Yang (Ed.). Volume 1. Proceedings of the DRS LEARN X DESIGN 2021. 6th International Conference for Design Education Researchers. 24–26 September 2021 Jinan, China. Engaging with Challenges in Design Education. p. 245-254. Design Research Society.

Maus, Ingvill Gjerdrum (2019). Enhancing design literacy for sustainability among youth in crafts-based design education. Techne Serien. Vol. 26.

Maus, Ingvill Gjerdrum (2019). Developing design literacy for sustainability : Lower secondary students’ life cycle thinking on their craft-based design products. FormAkademisk - Forskningstidsskriftet for design og designdidaktikk. Vol. 12.

Maus, Ingvill Gjerdrum (2017). Developing holistic understanding in design education for sustainability. Skjerven, Astrid; Reitan, Janne Beate (Ed.). Design for a Sustainable Culture. Perspectives, Practices and Education.. p. 157-170. Routledge.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete