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Marlene Folkestad Persson

Marlene Folkestad Persson


Marlene Folkestad Persson is a senior researcher at the Section for Youth Research at Norwegian Social Research (NOVA), Oslo Metropolitan University. She has a MA in sociology from the University of Oslo, and a Phd (2022) in Social sciences from Oslo Metropolitan University. She is currently co-leading the research project LIFECHANCES. The project analysis data fra Inequality in Youth – A Qualitative, Longitudinal Research Database, and explores how life chance differentition are affected by processes outside and inside of education. Persson also studies inclusion in leisure activities, and especially gendered processes in sports. Her doctoral thesis explores the declining participation of girls in sports during the teenage years. 

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Gender   Youth   Ahtletics, Sports   Qualitative methodologies

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Scientific publications

Persson, Marlene (2022). Playing without goals: gendered practices in recreational youth football. 17 p. Journal of Youth Studies.

Persson, Marlene ; Stefansen, Kari ; Strandbu, Åse (2020). Fotball som kjønnet mulighetsrom. Hvilken betydning har metafortellingen om kvinnefotball for unge jenters idrettsprosjekt?. Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning. Vol. 44.

Persson, Marlene ; Espedalen, Lars Erik; Stefansen, Kari ; Strandbu, Åse (2019). Opting out of youth sports: how can we understand the social processes involved?. 13 p. Sport, Education and Society.

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