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Anne Siri Kvia

Anne Siri Kvia


I do research on teaching religions, ethics and worldviews in schools. My research interests are explotatory teaching methods and excursions to sacred rooms such as temples, mosques and churches.

I am part of RomForsk, located at Section for Religion, Worldviews and Ethics, GFU, OsloMet. We do classroom interventions using VR-pictures and -video to evaluate how these resourses can contribute to exloratory learning, to the pupil's abilities to take an other's perspektive and ethic buildung.

2019- Assistant Professor, OsloMet
2006- Teacher in upper secondary school in Oslo
2005-2006 - Post Graduate Certificate in Education, UiO
2005 - Master in History of Religions, UiO

Research groups

Scientific publications

Aukland, Knut ; Andersland, Inge; Smith-Gahrsen, Martin; Lindhardt, Eva Mila; Kvia, Anne Siri ; Hansen, Simon Simchai (2023). VR in RE and moral education: report from a conference symposium at the NCRE 2022. Journal of Beliefs and Values.

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