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Knut Aukland

Knut Aukland


Knut Aukland teaches and does research within religion didactics and religion education in teacher education. His research portfolio also includes study of religion and Indian culture and history. Within religion education his research interests include educational design research, VR and 360degree images in education, teachers on Facebook, theory, religion and education in India. He has also done ethnographic research in India on hinduism, jainism, pilgrimage, and religion and science. Aukland has one MPhil from University of Oslo, one Masters from University of Oxford and a PhD from the University of Bergen.

Scientific publications

Aukland, Knut (2022). Kunnskapsproblemet og utforsking med ulike metoder: Å lære om vis-a-vis å lære hvordan. Prismet . Vol. 73.

Aukland, Knut (2021). Å lære hvordan: Forslag til et nytt mål utover å lære om og av religion. Nordidactica . Vol. 11.

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Aukland, Knut (2017). Pilgrimage expansion through tourism in contemporary India: the development and promotion of a Hindu pilgrimage circuit. Journal of Contemporary Religion . Vol. 32.

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