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Simon Innvær

Simon Innvær

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Theory of Science   Transference of knowledge   Social Politics   Process evaluation   Social theory   Implementation   Health and welfare politics   Knowledge translation



Scientific publications

Skyberg, Henriette Lund; Innvær, Simon (2020). Dynamics of interprofessional teamwork: Why three logics are better than one. Social Science and Medicine .

Innvær, Simon; Hermansen, Åsmund (2019). Valg, muligheter og begrensninger i spørreskjemaundersøkelser. Aamodt, Hilde Anette; Dahl, Espen; Gubrium, Erika; Haldar, Marit; Hermansen, Åsmund (Ed.). Sosialt arbeid og sosialpolitikk i samhandling. Kapittel 9. p. 197-211. Fagbokforlaget.

Frøyland, Kjetil; Andreassen, Tone Alm; Innvær, Simon (2018). Contrasting supply-side, demand-side and combined approaches to Labour market integration. Journal of Social Policy .

Oliver, Kathryn; Lorenc, Theo; Innvær, Simon (2014). New directions in evidence-based policy research: A critical analysis of the literature. 34 p. Health Research Policy and Systems . Vol. 12:34.

Oliver, Kathryn; Innvær, Simon; Lorenc, Theo; Woodman, Jenny; Thomas, James (2014). A systematic review of barriers to and facilitators of the use of evidence by policymakers. BMC Health Services Research . Vol. 14:2.

Innvær, Simon (2009). The use of evidence in public governmental reports on health policy: an analysis of 17 Norwegian official reports (NOU). 10 p. BMC Health Services Research . Vol. 9.

Rud, Mons Georg; Innvær, Simon; Smedslund, Geir; Steiro, Asbjørn (2005). BAKST-prosjektet. Empiri, evidens, empati : nordiska röster om kunskapsutveckling i socialt arbete / redaktör Synnöve Ljunggren. Del 2. p. 177-192. Nordisk ministerråd.

Bradley, Peter; Nordheim, Lena; De La HArpe, Davida; Innvær, Simon; Thompson, Carl (2005). A systematic review of qualitative literature on educational interventions for evidence-based practice. Learning in Health and Social Care . Vol. 4.

Aaserud, Morten; Lewin, Simon; Innvær, Simon; Paulsen, Elizabeth J.; Dahlgren, Astrid; Trommald, Mari; Duley, Lelia; Zwarenstein, Merrick; Oxman, Andrew (2005). Translating research into policy and practice in developing countries: a case study of magnesium suphate for pre-eclampsia. BMC Health Services Research .

Innvær, Simon; Vist, Gunn; Trommald, Mari; Oxman, Andrew (2002). Health policy-makers’ perceptions of their use of evidence: a systematic review. Journal of Health Services Research and Policy . Vol. 7.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete