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Randi Andenæs

Randi Andenæs

Scientific publications

Urstad, Kristin Hjorthaug; Andenæs, Randi; Wahl, Astrid Klopstad; Kvarme, Lisbeth Gravdal; Helseth, Sølvi; Moum, Torbjørn Åge (2020). The Health Literacy Questionnaire: Initial validity testing in a Norwegian sample. HLRP: Health Literacy Research and Practice . Vol. 4.

Andenæs, Randi; Småstuen, Milada Cvancarova; Misvær, Nina; Ribu, Lis; Vistad, Ingvild; Helseth, Sølvi (2020). Associations between menopausal hormone therapy and sleep disturbance in women during the menopausal transition and post-menopause: data from the Norwegian prescription database and the HUNT study. BMC Women's Health . Vol. 20.

Soini, Ulla Marie; Andenæs, Randi; Solberg, Marianne Trygg (2019). Oxygen treatment of ventilated critically ill children: Nursing assessment and cognitive processes in clinical decision-making. Nordic journal of nursing research .

Haraldstad, Kristin; Wahl, Astrid Klopstad; Andenæs, Randi; Andersen, John Roger; Andersen, Marit Helen; Beisland, Elisabeth Grov; Borge, Christine Råheim; Engebretsen, Eivind; Eisemann, Martin; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Hanssen, Tove Aminda; Haugstvedt, Anne; Haugland, Trude; Johansen, Venke A; Larsen, Marie Hamilton; Løvereide, Lise; Løyland, Borghild; Kvarme, Lisbeth Gravdal; Moons, P; Norekvål, Tone M.; Ribu, Lis; Rohde, Gudrun E.; Urstad, Kristin Hjorthaug; Helseth, Sølvi (2019). A systematic review of quality of life research in medicine and health sciences. Quality of Life Research . Vol. 28.

Abebe, Dawit Shawel; Helseth, Sølvi; Andenæs, Randi (2019). Socio-Economic Gradients and Disability During The Transition to Young Adulthood: A Longitudinal Survey and Register Study in Norway. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education . Vol. 66.

Andenæs, Randi; Brekke, Idunn; Momyr, Astrid (2018). Reporting of pain by people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): Comparative results from the HUNT3 population-based survey. BMC Public Health . Vol. 18.

Dagsland, Vigdis Halvorsen; Andenæs, Randi; Karlsen, Tor-Ivar (2018). Generic Health-Related Quality of Life May Not Be Associated with Weight Loss 4 Years After Bariatric Surgery: a Cross-Sectional Study. Obesity Surgery .

Halvorsrud, Liv; Kuburovic, Jelena; Andenæs, Randi (2017). Jobbtilfredshet og livskvalitet blant norske hjemmesykepleiere :. Nordisk tidsskrift for helseforskning . Vol. 13.

Halvorsrud, Liv; Andenæs, Randi (2016). Ensomhet og livskvalitet hos eldre. Helseth, Sølvi; Leegaard, Marit; Nortvedt, Finn (Ed.). Livskvalitet og smerte - et mangfoldig forskningsfelt. Kapittel 8. p. 109-122. Gyldendal Akademisk.

Andenæs, Randi; Helseth, Sølvi; Misvær, Nina; Småstuen, Milada C; Ribu, Lis (2016). Psychosocial factors are strongly associated with insomnia in users and nonusers of prescribed sleep medication: Evidence from the HUNT3 study. Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare . Vol. 9.

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