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Andreas Reichelt Lind

Andreas Reichelt Lind

Research projects

  • Critical thinking in primary education

    KriT is an interdisciplinary project aiming at developing educational models for critical thinking in primary education using children’s literature and news.

Scientific publications

Lind, Andreas Reichelt (2023). Dewey, Experience, and Education for Democracy: A Reconstructive Discussion. Educational Theory. Vol. 73.

Lind, Andreas Reichelt ; Andersson-Bakken, Emilia ; Sandvik, Margareth (2023). Patterns of peer talk in consensus-oriented classrooms: Deliberative argumentation or rush toward consensus?. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction. Vol. 40.

Lind, Andreas Reichelt (2019). Demokratiopplæringen i spenning mellom legitimering og kritikk. Utbildning och Demokrati. Vol. 28.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete