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Bak overskriftene, «Behind the headlines» ( is an interdisciplinary project. The primary goal is to help students learn how to critically assess health claims.

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    We offer Norway’s most comprehensive portfolio of study programs within health and social sciences. Our research contributes to develop health services and practice.

Featured research

A petri dish with bacteriae is held by a hand.
The strange and deadly consequences of bacterial sex

An OsloMet researcher is seeking to better understand how and why bacteria exchange DNA—and how to prevent them from doing so.

Woman with a brain activity measuring cap strapped on her head and a researcher standing behind her with an instrument ajusting the electrodes on the cap.
Measuring brain activity to discover mental health issues

Could there be a way for your doctor to diagnose depression and anxiety based on your brain activity?

man drops eye drops, moisturizing eye
Seeing the solution: Dry eyes and the bacteria that live there

Dry eyes are hard to diagnose, but researchers estimate that as many as half of Norwegians might be afflicted.